Importing playlist from win media player

Using win 8.1
Audacity 2.0.6

I do a radio show podcast format. I’ve been manually creating playlist in an excel spreadsheet. I can later upload this to spinitron using the .csv extension.

It was suggested I build my playlists using itunes. I don’t have itunes but I do have windows media player.
My problem is if i build my playlist and attempt to import a song into audacity I get an error message it opens to file name show1wpl
Audacity did not recognize the file name…file path is shown and then it says If it is uncompressed try importing it as raw data. Does not work as it is not uncompressed if I double click on the file name show1.wpl it opens windows media player and begins to play the playlist.

How do I find the songs in the media playlist so that I can import the songs to build my show? Ive been accessing my songs by using
Import audio>Music>genre>artist folder>name of song and then just open it opens in audacity as a 3rd track and I do my editing and ctrlx to my top music track and it works fine but I want to find the song in a playlist so i can keep track of what tunes I have already played.

How do I find the songs in the media playlist so that I can import the songs to build my show?

I don’t think you do. Neither iTunes or Windows Media is an open format. They’re Media Managers including copy protection. You can export and copy songs out of both of them under some conditions, but I don’t know any way to manage an iTunes playlist other than with iTunes. Koz

If if helps, File > Recent Files in Audacity shows you the last twelve files.

If you open the WPL file in a text editor you can see the file names.

If you use M3U extension for the playlist ( see how to convert a regular playlist in Windows Media Player ) then you could use to convert the list to text.

Audacity can import playlist files, but only in the LOF format.


Thank you. I will try to translate that and see if I can get it to work. All seriousness I appreciate the feedback.