Importing only part of a file

I am having trouble importing a wav file for editing. The last half of my file is cut off in Audacity. Please help.

Probably the file is corrupted. Where did you get the file from?

Download MediaInfo ( ). Get the version without installer, because the installer may have malware.

Drag the WAV into MediaInfo so you can see the encoding/bit depth, number of channels and sample rate.

In Audacity, use File > Import > Raw Data… to import the WAV and specify the settings you saw in MediaInfo.

There will probably be a click at the start of the file where the (incorrect) headers are. You can zoom in and delete the click.


Thanks Gale. It was originally a mp3 of a voice over that I converted to a wav file so that I could edit using audacity because I kept getting an error message when trying to import the file as an mp3. Is there a way to import using an mp3 file?

How exactly did you convert it to a WAV file? Renaming it from MP3 to WAV extension does not make it a WAV.

If it would not import at all when it had MP3 extension then it was probably not an MP3 at that time (or it was already corrupted).

I suggest you examine the audio in MediaInfo as suggested. We can’t suggest how you repair or open the file without knowing what audio it actually contains.

Either copy-paste the information MediaInfo gives, or File > Export the information as a text file (put a checkmark in the “Advanced mode” box when saving). Then attach the exported file. Please see here for how to attach files: .