Importing MP3 Fedora 23

I am running Fedora 23 and have encountered a problem with importing audio in audacity.

When I try to import any mp3 files, I get this message:

I am able to import any other format though so for now I have been converting them to .wav. But why is this happening. I am up to date with the program and I don’t see anyone else having a solution to this problem.
Can anyone give me some ideas? Thanks.

The message is self-explanatory. You are presumably using a packaged build of Audacity supplied by Fedora which does not allow import of MP3 due to licensing concerns. Please see the pink panel at the top of the page for how to give us your Audacity version number.

Assuming you don’t want to compile Audacity yourself, uninstall the Audacity package you have now and install the audacity-freeworld package instead: If you don’t have dnf, use yum.