Importing M4a

My computer is Windows 7 and I am using Audacity version 2.0.2
I recorded a song on my phone and wanted to import it into Audacity, however it recorded as an M4a file.
When I attempted to open it I got a message: You can install the optional FFmpeg library to import a much larger range of audio formats including AC3, AMR(NB), M4A, MP4 and WMA
That FFmpeg link doesnt go anywhere. Will this library solve my problem and if so, where do I go to download it? Or is there another way to import this file?


Instructions for installing FFmpeg are in the manual:

Installing FFmpeg according to the instructions will allow you to import “normal” M4A files, but as M4A is a “container format” there can be oddball varieties of M4A that may not be supported. Best way to find out is to try it. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully or the installation may not work.