Importing Labels

I am very new to Audacity and am currently just “playing” with audio that I have around the house not particularly for any reason.

MACOS 10.13.4
Audacity 2.2.2

I have created a file using text wrangler (now BBedit) saving it as Windows CRLF UTF-8, the file tease the form:

Time in (tab) Time in (Tab) Label Title

Ive tried to import this originally with seventeen labels in that format each one on a new line, this failed so I tried it with just one… I get the same rather unhelpful error every time and I am hoping someone more experienced can provide some guidance…

The error I receive is simply this:-

“One or more save labels could not be read”

Any ideas?


Try saving the file as plain ASCII text with “LF” line endings.

Steve, I cant see an option in either BBedit or TextEdit that is “Plain ASCII” but I have opened and saved the file using MacVIM which should be plain text - I still get the same message.


If you attach the text file to your reply, I’ll take a look. (see here for how to attach files to forum posts: )

This is the simplest version of the file with just one label.
Label_Import_Test.txt (38 Bytes)

Times must be in seconds, relative to “0.0” on the Timeline).
If you want that label at “28 seconds”, you should write it as






1 min 35.6 seconds would be written as:




(trailing zeros are unimportant).