Importing labels: "one or more saved labels could not be read"


I am using a newly-downloaded version of Audacity 2.2.2 on a new Windows 10 laptop. On a previous laptop (assuming also a previous version of Audacity) I was able to run the following task without any issues.

I have a .txt file (uploaded to this post) that I want to import. I go to File > Import > Labels and click on the file, but I get the error message “one or more saved labels could not be read”. The bar for the labels comes up below my sound file, but it is empty.

Any suggestions to fix this would be most welcome!

Many thanks!
07_11.txt (152 Bytes)

Labels have had troubles with punctuation marks. Try a test without the colons.


That doesn’t work, unfortunately.

The numbers and the label text must be separated by tabs. Yours are separated by spaces.
For more info, see: