Importing flacs, normalizing, exporting with same name and metadata

I have quite a lot of FLAC files to normalize. i.e import “music\song.flac”, normalize, export as “song.flac” with the original “song.flac” metadata.

  1. I don’t understand the import procedure. It goes
    Menu Command (With Parameters)
    what should I put as parameters? Will it import all the files I choose with apply macros to?

  2. Export Flac is shown as “Special command”
    2.1 How to preserve metadata?
    2.2 How to set it to export to same filename and replace existing file, or alternatively, to export to a new folder with existing file?
    2.3 What are the required parameters?

For FLAC files, Audacity only supports the first 6 metadata tags as shown here:

For “batch processing”, you don’t need to use an Import command. You just select the files that you want to apply the macro to. All of the files must be in the same folder.
See: Macros - Audacity Manual

You just need two commands in the Macro: “Normalize” and “Export as Flac”
The exported Flac files will be in a new folder called “macro-output” which is created in the same location as the files that you selected.

Thank you!
Will the metadata of each file be replicated automatically to the exported file, or I’ll have to OK each file? (even if it is it will save me tons of work).

The six tags shown in my previous reply should work OK (automatically).

Thanks and cheers.