Importing files.

I am using a Mac and use Safari. I have the latest version and I am trying to import the recording to an MP3 file. When I go to Export the file, I save it in my folder and at the bottom where it says “Format”, I change to Mp3 and I receive error messages. As I try to get through some of them, I get to the end and the message I receive is “Could not open MP3 encoding library”

Go to Audacity (menu) > Preferences then look in the Libraries section.
Under “MP3 Export Library” does it say “MP3 Export library not found”?
If so, you need to install the LAME MP3 encoder.
Instructions are here:

– Bill

Bill, thank you. I did this and I am still receiving the same error messages? Man, I am lost!

Have you installed Audacity according to the instructions (that is, do not run Audacity from the DMG)?

Go to Preferences > Libraries. Does it still show “MP3 library not found”?

Have you followed the instructions on the FAQ page?
Have you tried installing from the ZIP file instead of the LAME DMG according to the instructions on the FAQ page?

If you still can’t export to MP3, please provide a detailed step by step description of what happens when you try to export, including detailed error messages.

– Bill

If you can’t work it out, you can always export as WAV or AIFF and convert to MP3 in iTunes:


Thanks everyone. I am actually working with Apple, as there maybe a 'behind the scenes secrcuity block" I unknowingly have that is making this happen. Thanks again for all the assistance!

There should be no security block if you download the ZIP file and extract LAME to your own user space (such as your Desktop).