Importing files from Google Drive

Can anyone provide me with instructions on how to import audio files from google drive? These audio files was previously videos saved on my iPhone. I already extracted the audio from the videos. The videos were .mov and .mp4 files so while while extracting the audio I converted to them to .aiff files then backed up the audio (.aiff) in google drive so hopefully I can then import to audacity from my windows 10 laptop. Now I’m not sure what to do next…

I started a new topic for you with a relevant title.

Assuming you can see the files in File Explorer, either in your Google Drive folder on your hard drive or in some other folder, use File > Import > Audio… top left of Audacity. It’s safer if you move the files out of the Google Drive folder on your computer before importing them into Audacity, then the files won’t change unexpectedly.


I would strongly recommend doing that. Accessing data over a network is fraught with risks and dangers. If you don’t want to risk your work suddenly turning into trash, copy or move the files to a local (in your computer) drive first, then import them into Audacity from the local drive.