Importing drum tracks from software

I have Version 2 of Cakewalk’s Guitar Tracks that has Drag 'n Drop Drummer Lite, which is a variety of drum beats - is it possible to import drum loops from software into an Audacity track?

Probably the easiest way to do it is to compose your drum track in Cakewalk and then export that as a plain wav file. Now you can drag and drop the wav file into Audacity.

Alternately, you can drag and drop each loop and highlight it and click Effects → Repeat to loop it.

Thanks for the tip, alatham. I got to messin’ around with both programs and found it to be quite easy to import the Wav files off the Cakewalk disc. I choose a beat, copy & paste it as many times as I need it to be and build me a track from that, save it, bah-da bing, bah-da boom. :smiley: Recorded a tune this afternoon with it.

Yes, that will work, but you’ll be limited to either the tempo it was recorded at, or using Audacity’s Change Tempo effect.

I’m willing to bet that Cakewalk has a better tempo change algorithm.