Importing audio into Sony Movie Studio

I’m new to all of this. I run Win 7 64 Home Pro, got 8 gigs of RAM, Gigabyte mobo, Radeon 5450 graphics card.I bought Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12. Bundled in the original software was Sound Forge 10. Unfortunately, the serial # for Sound Forge would not allow me any more than 30 demo use. So I went shopping for audio freeware and encountered Audacity. I was impressed with everything about Audacity. The integrity of the creators, the clarity of the manual, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t import .wav or .wma files into Movie Studio. I’m baffled, having expended a lot of effort testing microphones, inputs, gearing up my computer to record, etc. Now I’m at an impasse.
What kind of recording software should I be using with Movie Studio? How do I import music files as standalone tracks into M.Studio? Thee questions are general, I know. I am a newbie but I’ve got a passion for this. I want to make videos with quality sound, and recording through my camera seems to be the only way i can do this at the moment.

Any suggestions? Feedback? Thanks for your time.

Northern California

This is off topic. Audacity Team does not make Movie Studio and cannot offer support for it.

Contact Sony Support for assistance with Movie Studio.