Importing audio clips right?

I am worried I am not doing this properly. Here is my example.
So I interview the same guy on the same equipment at two different times. First time is the main interview serving time is just follow up questions I have.
I import interview 1 and interview 2 in Audacity, so I have two audacity windows open. Then I’m inserting parts from the interview 2 I have done into interview 1.
What I am doing is finding the parts from interview 2 that I want to insert in the interview one. So I highlight that section (in interview 2) and copy then go to interview 1 and find a spot I want to put it send click my cursor there and paste in the spot. Picture 1 is example I just mark the spot and paste.

But when I look on YouTube and they want to insert or import a section of audio into another they open up another track underneath the main track and shift the main track to leave a spot for the inserted spot down below. Picture 2 example

I hope this makes sense. It’s hard to explain without a video.