Importing Audacity backup file

Hi - I’m on Windows 10.

I’m trying to import a backup file (.aup3 Audacity Project File) into Audacity.

But I get the message:

Project is Read Only
(Unable to work with Block Files)

How does one get backup files to import?


You don’t import them. You open them. It may be smart enough to know that, but just in case. It should be possible to double click an aup3 file, too.


Does your file icon have an audacity picture? That’s the indication that it will automatically open in Audacity.


What Koz said. Also,

This could happen, for example, if you do not have write permission to the file or to the directory it is in. Perhaps another process is reading it, or did not close it for some reason. To check for the file still being opened by another process, you could try closing all programs and rebooting your machine.

Hi - thanks for your replies.

Yes, the file has the Audacity icon but clicking it, I get the same response -

Project is Read Only
(unable to work with block files)

I’ve also tried opening the file within Audacity and got the above response/message.

I’ve re-booted but the response is the same.

Any thoughts?


Make sure “Audacity.exe” and its home folder are not blocked by your antivirus application. AVAST tends to consider most genuine applications as “ransomware” until you tell it not to… In such cases, genuine applications are faced with the dreaded “read-only” syndrome…

OK, figured it out.

I should have mentioned that the backups were done using Windows BackUp using File History. There must be something about that (my tech knowledge is limited) process that affects the files and won’t allow them to load.

When I manually backed up a file, I was able to then open it in Audacity.

thanks all