importing a track to a project creates a blank track


I’m using Audacity 2.0.6 on Win7 and I encounter some troubles while importing a stereo track (WAV 44.1KHz) to a project in which mono tracks are already imported.
I tried to import, to slide from the folder or to copy/paste the track (converted or not as a mono track) from a newly created project, but it always ends with the creation of a new empty track.

I’ve searched the forum but no subject came out to help me, so if you’ve have any idea of what’s happening and how to fix this problem (I never had with older version of Audacity)… be my guest!

Thanks in advance,

Mat (sorry for my english, I’m french)

Sorry but I don’t understand what copy/paste has to do with import. Perhaps you are using the wrong words to describe what you are trying to do.

Perhaps the file you are importing is corrupted so that the file headers say the file has no length.

Perhaps your first imported song is very long and the next imported song is only a few seconds long. In that case the second song will appear to have an empty track because the project is still fitted to the length of the very long song. The solution to that is to View > Zoom in (CTRL + 1).

You should also make sure you obtain Audacity from here:

I would suggest you record the problem with Windows Problem Steps Recorder then post the zip file for us to download on Dropbox or your favourite file storage service. Be sure to share the file so that we can access it.


This message prompts up after I imported a video from Youtube “Audacity attempted to use FFmpeg to import an audio file, but the libraries were not found. To use FFmpeg , go to Preferences>Libraries to download or locate the FFmpeg libraries.”

Where can I find Preferences. I downloaded the latest version. Sorry I am no good at computer. Help will be most appreciated. Thank you.

OK but that message would not create a new, empty track. It results in no track being created.

Edit > Preferences… or hold CTRL and press P on your keyboard.

But the easiest way to install FFmpeg is to go here Audacity Manual and follow the instructions.


Thank you.


Thank you so much for your help. I managed to download FFmpeg and was able to remove the vocal from a video clip. This is the audio only.

Axtually what I want is to have the video with no vocal so that I can burn to a cd/dvd for my karaoke. Will I be able to do that?

Thank you again.

You will have to export the audio from Audacity then use a video editor like Avidemux to replace the audio of the video with the audio exported from Audacity.

Export from Audacity as AC3, MP2 or WAV (WAV is lossless but larger). Set project rate bottom left of Audacity to 48000 Hz.

Save the new video as an MPG file. Then use a DVD authoring application. There is some help with using Avidemux to make a DVD-compatible MPG file at tutorial:converting_to_dvd [Avidemux].