Imported .Wav is silent[SOLVED]

Yesterday, I had no problems importing and editing the .wav files for the project I am working on with version 1.3. When I tried to open a new .wav file this morning the audacity file was the correct duration, but completely silent. I have tried opening several different files and using both the “open” and “import audio” commands. I updated to version 2.0 hoping that the issue would be resolved, but it has persisted. The only thing I did after my successful project yesterday was attempt to export the file as a MP3. I got an error message (I don’t recall what it said) and gave up on the idea, figuring I can just use an audio format converter.

I use Windows 7 home premium and installed Audacity from the .exe file

Thanks for your help.

Do other sounds play on your computer?

Yes, all other sound is unaffected. I can even play the .wav files in question in windows media player.

Just to be sure, while you are trying to play the file in Audacity, left-click the speaker icon by the system tray, click “Mixer”, then make sure the volume slider for Audacity is turned up and unmuted. You may have to scroll to right to see the slider.

If necessary, try rebooting the computer.

To export MP3 from Audacity you need the LAME MP3 encoder .


The problem is not with the playback. The problem occurs when I import the file. There is no sound on the track at all. All I see is a straight line for the entire duration of the file.

I have a couple of ideas of what this might be.
I suggest that you download the current 2.0.3 version of Audacity from here:
(get the recommended “Audacity 2.0.3 installer”, not the zip file).
Uninstall your current version of Audacity.
Run the 2.0.3 installer and watch carefully for the option to “reset preferences”.
Select the option to reset preferences and complete the installation.
When you run Audacity 2.0.3 for the first time you will need to confirm that you want to reset preferences.

Just doing that may be enough to fix the problem, but if not then it gives us some specific things to look at.

Thanks Steve, the problem was completely fixed!

Excellent. I assume then the problem was that the Audacity temporary folder was set to somewhere you could not write.


That would be my guess.