Import RAW-File with sample rate > 100_000


why is the sample rate limited to 100000 at Raw-Data imports?


Is this just a check to prevent wrong user input or is the import method unable to handle sample rates over 100kHz?

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I’d guess that it’s just a semi-arbitrary sanity check. In rare cases where you want to import RAW data at a higher sample rate, you can use the track drop-down menu to set the sample rate ( up to 1,000,000 Hz

Thank you for your fast answer!
Your suggestion was my previous workflow.

Since it’s only a raw case, i simply forked the project and customised the default values to my needs.

and no problem over 100,000 Hz I presume?

Out of interest, why do you need > 100 kHz RAW PCM?

No problems so far.

I use audacity to view acoustic emission recordings, it’s a nice tool to get a first overview.

It’s amazing some of the things that Audacity is used for - this goes onto my mental list of more unusual uses :wink: