Import MIDI file and export as MP3

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Is it possible to carry out the work of importing MIDI and exporting as MP3 or other audio format, from the same table when exporting an Audacity project or recording?
Because when I’m going to export MIDI to an audio format, the export options are disabled. Could you please guide me, should I be doing it wrong?

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MIDI isn’t sound. MIDI is machine control. Audacity only has very limited ability to deal with MIDI and I don’t think translating to other formats is one of the tools.

Sometimes you can configure your computer to play the MIDI with its own internal MIDI player and then configure Audacity to record streaming audio.

I have made a Windows machine play my Yamaha stand-alone keyboard with MIDI input, and then used another computer to record the Yamaha sound—the headphone output. This job isn’t trivial.

Past that, you might be able to use a MIDI program to do the translation.


MIDI has another problem other than the obvious translation problems. A typical MIDI instruction is [play: Honky Tonk-Piano MIDI#4]. The actual piano sound you get is burned into the player, not the MIDI instructions. If you have three different MIDI players, you can get three different pianos.

My favorite MIDI trick is to get the player to miss the instrument. Get the MIDI piano song to play on a church organ, for one example. That’s a simple setting change in a MIDI player. Or a glockenspiel.

You totally can’t go the other way. You can’t (in any way I know of) start with a mixed instrument MP3 and create a MIDI song.


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Thank you for your guidance and I understand your teachings!
I already work with some score editing software and with MIDI support like MuseScore, Finale and Sibelius. They export MIDI files to audio files such as MP3, Wave and others. I just wanted to see this possibility in Audacity.
I agree with your arguments and fully understand the limitations of MIDI files. I realize that I have a lot to learn about music technology. One way I managed to do the work in Audacity was: open the MIDI file, insert an audio track and activate play to record, I set up Audacity to record the sound from the computer itself. This would also be an alternative for users who have Audacity but do not have Software with MIDI support and want a MIDI file to be turned into audio.

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