Import keys

Hi everyone, devs,
Thanks for update. Very curious about real time effects in audacity.
I cannot seem to import keys though, going through the usual process in preferences > keyboard shortcuts > import
It says ‘300 shortcuts were loaded’ but none of them show up or work.
Anyone else has the same issue ? Is this a bug ?

Windows guy here. As a test, on Windows, I opened the Preferences > Keyboard window, and then did the following (I believe the Mac equivalent for Ctrl would be Cmd):

  1. Defaults > Standard
  2. Key Bindings > View By: Tree
  3. Click on the first line (Ctrl+N : New)
  4. Click on the white box at the bottom of the screen (Ctrl+N)
  5. Press the Ctrl-U key combination
  6. Click Set
  7. OK, to Warning
  8. Export > keyboardtest.xml
  9. Note Ctrl+U is bound to “File:New”
  10. Defaults > Standard
  11. Note Ctrl+N is now bound to “File:New”
  12. Import > keyboardtest.xml
  13. Message says “472” keyboard shortcuts loaded.
  14. OK
  15. Note Ctrl+U is bound to “File:New”

This all seemed to function properly, and after Generating some test audio, Ctrl+U worked as expected, starting a new , blank workspace.

Thank you for your time. Unfortunately this doesn’t work on my system…
I’ve done this before for each audacity updates and it has worked in the past. Not sure what has changed.
I’m on mac os high sierra 10.13 with audacity 3.2.1

So perhaps someone with a Mac would like to comment…

Topic moved to the macOS forum to make that more likely.