Import files with .MTS extension

I am trying to import the audio part of video clips. I am successful with the video clips with .MOV extension from my Cannon DSLR, But I can’t import audio from my Cannon Camcorder which has file with .MTS file extension. Any suggestions?

You may be able to convert the .MTS files to a supported format (such as WAV) using VLC

Steve, Okay I’ll try that. So in other words, I have to take my .MTS file and convert it to another format and then import it into Audacity?

Use Media > Convert/Save… in VLC. Save it as “Audio - CD” and add “.wav” (without quotes) to the name of the file. Then import the wav file into Audacity.


Gale, I don’t understand these instructions … use Media ---- where do I find ‘Media’, … and, what is VLC??

Tks, Dave

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