Import Cubase files


I have cubase on my PC and have recorded a few small test tracks etc with it. I’m wondering if its possible to import them into Audacity. I’d like to bring them in and see how Audacity works. I am also going to bring in the VST’s that I have.

Really looking forward to using Audacity.



Audacity can only open its own project files (AUP). It cannot open CPR files.

You can save WAV files from Cubase for use in Audacity.

Audacity does not support VST instruments or real-time VST’s.


Hi Gale,

Thanks for the reply! I will work on importing WAV files then. Audacity does support VST effects though, correct?


Yes, but any component of a VST that is intended to work on live audio such as graphs or VU meters won’t function.

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