Import Codec: Tracker file PCM S16 LE (araw) [SOLVED]


I have a file extracted from a old Amiga game. It’s a song that lasts 1 minute and 38 seconds. The file size is around 80KB !

I’m trying to convert this file into ogg but I can’t import the file in Audacity. VLC can play the file and tells me the following codec:

PCM S16 LE (araw)
44100 Hz

FFMpeg is already installed and detected by Audacity. Do I miss something else to import the file into Audacity ?

And I have to that I’m rather surprised about the file size (80kb) for a soundfile of that length.


Me too.

That should be:
2 (stereo) x 16 (bits per sample) x 44100 (samples per second) = 140800 bits per second = 176400 bytes per second.
1 min 38 = 98 seconds
98 x 176400 / 1024 = (about) 17 MB.

Perhaps the file is a play list file that points to a 16bit PCM file.
Try opening the file in a plain text editor (such as NotePad) and see what happens.

Since VLC can play it, you should be able to convert to another format with VLC. There is some information [u]here[/u].

I did opening this in an hex editor. It starts with nice comments :slight_smile: . I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this file to the public. You could find it by extracting the Disk 1 ADF from Pizza Connection 1 for Amiga. It’s in the sounds folder and is called “titel”

Yeah, I did, but the file extends to 1.6MB while converting it. Very odd.

VLC’s codec information is imperfect in my experience. It may be telling you what it decoded it to in order to play it.


Yeah, I did, but the file extends to 1.6MB while converting it. Very odd.

That’s not surprising to me… It depends on what format you converted to. That would be in the ballpark for an MP3, and Steve did the calculations for an uncompressed file (17MB). What format did you convert to?

It’s the 80K file that’s a mystery.

File attached. As the game disk is hosted to the public i think i can risk posting the file.


Wrong extension? What was the original extension?

Looks like a .mod or midi file to me. VLC seems to play both.

The file was without any extension. I just gave the file the wav extension so i could upload the file.


Yes, you’re right about the file. It’s a Protracker File . I guess Audacity has no support for it, right ?

Change its extension to “.mod” (without quotes) then Audacity will use FFmpeg to import it.

According to the samples are 8-bit PCM. Presumably the small file size is because the samples are reused and rearranged.

Audacity’s Import Raw Data recognisably plays the initial voice and one of the samples if choosing Signed 8-bit PCM.


Thank you. I have successfully imported the file into Audacity to work with it.