Import audio wav file imports only small portion of file

I have been importing wav files for years without issues. But recently the program imports only a small portion of the file (about 20 seconds of a 3 min. song). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing works. Have tried also importing as raw file: no success! Really puzzled by this ! Help!

A couple of questions.

Do you get the full 3-minutes with other software?

Do the 1st 20 seconds sound OK?

Do you get the same exact results when you import the raw data? (Do you know the parameters for raw import? (sample rate, bit depth, etc.?)

If you know the parameters, there are 8-bits in a byte so you can calculate the file size for uncompressed audio as:

File size in kilobytes = Sample rate (in kHz) x (Bit depth/8) x Number of channels x Playing time in seconds.

i.e. a 180 second, 41.1 kHz, 16-bit, stereo file would be about 31.7KB. (That’s assuming no embedded artwork.)

If you are getting 20-seconds of noise it’s some kind of compressed file with a WAV extension and Audacity is confused.

You can also check the parameters with MediaInfoOnline but if the file is corrupt the information could be wrong.

Yesterday: (1)3 other software work fine. (2) Small portion imported sounds fine. (3) Same results with raw data (tried every possible encoding & sample rates (4) My wav files are NOT compressed nor corrupted. (5) Importing mp3 files works ok !! :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Today: (1) Uninstalled & reinstalled again ver. 3.1 & 3.4 (from audacity site): same results :angry: (2) Installed ver. 2.4 (from fosshub): Works perfectly ! :clap: I used that version for years and it does perfectly what I need, so I’ll keep using it. Conclusion ? I’m not a computer expert, so I’m puzzled. Thanks for ur quick reply. Cheers.

I’m confused too!

WAV files are usually foolproof, except that there is a 4GB limit, and you’re nowhere near that with a 3-minute file (unless it has an absurd sample rate, or something like that). …You can get a similar problem when the file-size goes-over the limit, the file-size field in the WAV header rolls-over, and starts counting at zero again.

BUT when you import raw data is ignores the header (converting it to audio and creating a “glitch” in the audio) and you’d get the whole thing even if the size is wrong.

If the raw data import sounds OK they are NOT compressed.

I still suspect the WAV file is somehow corrupted. Audacity is more picky than other software.

If you no longer have the newer version it’s too late to ask of that’s happening with ALL WAV files…

I think the real issue here is now “(2) Installed ver. 2.4 (from fosshub): Works perfectly !”. If it works in 2.4 but not 3.1 or 3.4, what changed ? Is 2.4 somehow just less “picky” ? If so is there a way to work around that ? I’m asking as I too just upgraded to 3.4.2 from 2.4.1.

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