Imovie converting 1 trk mono to dual

I’ve done this before, but I can remember how I did It. I am using iMovie 11 on a Mac with Maverick. Audacity is 2.05. I’ve finished my movie, but not shared it. I thought I remembered there use to be a finalize option, but I don’t see that. My audio is mono and I want to duplicate the mono track so that it plays as if it were stereo. I want to upload the video to YouTube. I don’t see a way to export the audio out of iMovie. It seems as if I have to share it before I can deal with the audio. The sharing options include Theater (default) iTunes and YouTube. Thanks for any assistance.

You can install the FFMpeg software and Audacity will open the sound tracks of many video formats.

A mono track in a video system should play to both speakers. Do you know that yours doesn’t?

If it makes you feel better, import your mono track to Audacity. Duplicate it (Edit > Duplicate), Select the menu system (on the left) for the top track and Make Stereo Track. That should join the two tracks. Export. I would use WAV, 48000, 16-bit Stereo. That’s the video standard.

Audacity will not edit Video, so putting the new audio track back in to the show is up to you.


When I posted my first video to YouTube I got complaints that the audio only played through one speaker, so on later videos I duplicated the mono track, but iMovie has apparently changed for the worse with the latest release and I can’t do some of the things I did before.

Apple Final Cut Pro isn’t “pro” any more. It’s stripped down to a very nice “iMovie.” It left a lot of people with no alternative to Avid editors for feature motion pictures. We have four older licenses that we’re holding onto with white knuckles.

How did you get the mono track in the first place? It sounds like you actually had a stereo track, but you only filled up the Left side of it. That can happen if you set your camcorder wrong with an external microphone. I used to create special wiring adapters to prevent that.