Immersive Effect?

Hi guys,

In this video:, at 7:03 the presenter selects a function from the effect list called “immersive”. I’ve looked around but can’t seem to find anything like it anywhere. Does anyone know if this is available somewhere?


It looks like a 3D plugin , only some work in Audacity in Windows, (32-bit VST, not 64-bit, not VST3).

Panagement is the only one is can confirm works in Audacity.

As the presenter of that lecture was doing Computer Science research at Cambridge University, My guess is that he wrote those plug-ins himself as part of his research. I’ve not found those plug-ins available for download, though Trebor’s suggestion (“Panagement”) looks like a good alternative.

Just noticed the newest version of Panagement is only available in 64-bit, so won’t work in Audacity.
The old version (1.4) will work in Audacity, see …