iMac: I can't hear myself recording in my headphones

Hi there! Former radio presenter here and I’m trying to record on an iMac laptop but can’t figure out how to hear myself in the headphones while recording. I have a Yeti blue mic and a Sennheiser 202 II headphones. Is it a hardware or software issue? Any help would be fantastic…thanks!

Plug the headphones into the bottom of the Yeti in the socket provided. The volume control is on the front of the Yeti.

The Yeti is a side-fire microphone. Speak into side grill just up from the company name.

Set the Yeti as the playback device in Audacity to hear the playback of the recorded work. Do Not select Audible Input Monitoring. That will give you delay or echo sound.


Thanks Koz, for your time in replying.
I tried that but it didn’t work.

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