I'm new on Audacity, and already having problems! (low record)

I’m new on Audacity, and I wanted to record myself

But doesn’t matter if I talk low or I scream, the recording is VER LOW!

I need help!
I checked on google, and many stuff doesn’t works or doesn’t help with this problem

I’m sure it’s not my PC, or drivers, I already updated everything (Windows 11 and all updates)

And it’s Audacity the problem and not my mics, because I use the default program to record me and it can do it loud and clear if I shout or talk normal

Ding! That’s the clue. You should not be able to shout and speak normally with normal recordings. What you have means there is some software, driver, or app that’s “helping” you record. When you record in Audacity, those services drop out and you go back to your plain, normal microphone. Manufacturers sell home microphones with low volume because they’re less likely to be returned. But they’re still low volume.

Now you get to fill in some of the holes. Are you recording your spoken voice? Audiobook? With what microphone? How is it connected? Are you using driver software that came with the microphone?

Do you use Skype, Zoom, Meetings, or other chat application—or multi-player games.


The point is: if I talk low, I’m barelly heard, if I talk normal it’s just low, if I talk loud, it’s still low, and if I shout, it’s still LOW, I don’t like that it’s recording me so low!
I have to turn the volume to the max to hear me normal, which its a problem if I want to add my voice to a video

Okay now for the “holes”:
I’m recording my spoken voise and sometimes I try to record a narration
I’m using a new USB microphone, not the default PC mic
It’s connected directly to my PC by USB
I’m using the default software that comes with the Windows PC “Sound Recorder”, but there it sounds fine, only in Audacity sounds SUPER low
I use Discord, but I use my headset for that, and the mic of the headset is also very low in Audacity

It’s only Audacity the problem, so I want to know how to make it record a bit louder!

And it doesn’t have a recording volume control knob? As Koz said, without a control it will be intentionally low because otherwise loud sounds will clip (distort) the built-in analog-to-digital converter.

You can try Microphone Boost and make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF. (Audacity gets the digital audio stream directly from Windows, and although Audacity doesn’t mess-with the sound during recording, sometimes Windows does.)

And you’ve selected the USB device as your Recording Device, right? (DON’T select anything that says “loopback”.)

That, I don’t understand. I don’t know why there would a difference. (I don’t think I’ve ever used Windows Sound Recorder.)

You should be able to use Windows Sound Recorder and then edit the file in Audacity if you wish.

Is your recording level in Audacity set very low? The recording level should be next to the playback level in the toolbar. Or maybe it’s recording your voice just fine but your playback level is set very low?

Okay, but where do I change that, that’s another problem, I need specific instructions to find where is the toolbar, or the playback.

If you can show images, it would help a lot

See the screenshots at Audacity Manual and Meter Toolbars. The toolbar is at the top of the window (below the menu bar) and the recording and playback levels are on the right side.

okay, this mic doesn’t has microphone boost
My headset does, but I’m saying that it’s not the microphones, is Audacity!
Tell me a way to make Audacity record a bit louder

There are no windows enchancements for me

And what is a “knob”? IF I’m correct is an extra hardawre I can buy… but I don’t want to spend more money right now, first I want to try Audacity

And yeah, the proper mic is selected as the recording device, and it doesn’t has loopback

And yeah, I could use Audacity as a way to only edit my recordings, but why do that if I’m doing that in the video editor, in the editor I’m making the recording louder and croping mistakes. It’s only double the work if I use Audacity to just do that.

Okay thanks, this is helping a bit

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