Illegal fonts in exporting form

  1. I open my mp3-file with russian tags. Edit. Exporting. While exporting I have problem:
    a) If there is info in ID3v2 - fonts correctly displayed in tag-fields of exporting form,
    b) if there ID3v2 is cleared, but russian info is present in ID3v1, the fonts in exporting form is changed to something strange

As far as I’m aware, ID3v1 does not support Unicode.

Thanks for report. I’ll see it. BUT
If I reprint in these fields russian fonts and save file - the result is succesful, russian fonts are saved !

If you type characters, then you should get “legal” character codes. If text is pasted, you can easily get illegal character codes.
We saw a case recently where a user had a problem because he had pasted what appeared to be a normal name into a text box, but there were two invisible characters in the name that were actually emoji characters in UTF16 encoding.

Thank you