IK Steatlhplug CS

Hi everybody :slight_smile: ,

I just bought the IK Stealthplug CS and I would like to register my songs with audacity (2.0.5) but it seems not to recognise the usb driver as I cannot ind the driver in the options list.
I am running audacity on Windows 8.
It seems I installed alll needed drivers, do you have any suggestions to solve this issue?

Many thanks in advance foryour support

Are the drivers on a CD? Is there a choice of drivers on the CD or can you choose drivers to use in their software?

Their support pages say the drivers are ASIO . If that is all they are (no WDM support included), Audacity won’t be able to record from the device unless you compile Audacity yourself from source code with ASIO support. See the ASIO link above. Also you can’t give an ASIO build of Audacity to anyone else. These are all licensing issues.

If the device does support WDM, make sure Windows sees it then restart Audacity.

You can contact IK support at IK Multimedia Hardware Support .