Identify the BPM of a song

Hello friends!

  1. Could you kindly guide me if Audactiy has a tool or resource that could identify the BMP (beats per minute) of a song?

  2. Could you indicate me a native plugin of Audacity or even a third party so that I can carry out the work of Mastering an audio? That is, “fattening” the volume without saturating?

Any tips and guidance would be most welcome!

Hug to everyone!

I don’t know if this is going to be helpful, but I don’t use an automated BPM identification, I use different rhythm tracks (created in Audacity) till finding the matching one, and that lets me do posterior editing while keeping the beat on the whole timeline.

Built-in to audacity no, but I list some plugins you can use here: Aligning music to beats and measures - Audacity Support

There is a MuseFX Mastering plugin which you can download from - That said, mastering is a dark and complex art which I don’t understand, so it may be of limited use.

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I don’t know but it’s not too hard to tap your foot and count for 30 seconds or a minute, and probably more accurate. (It’s easier if you count one- two-three-four, two- two-three- four, three-two-three-four, etc…)

Try the Audacity Limiter effect. It uses look-ahead to limit without changing the wave shape. Then as usual, make-up gain can be used to boost the overall loudness after limiting. But you might need compression or saturation to get a “fat” sound.