I would like to know if i can remove this pinging noise!


I have this audio file i would like to use for my custom weapon pack i am creating for DayZ but in the audio file there is a ping sound of the shell ejecting mixed in with the shooting sound fade-out, i am by no means mediocre at audio editing or messing around with audio softwares so bare with me!
I am just wondering if there is any way i can filter it out somehow without distorting the main audio too much? or perhaps even completely remove it!

Here is the audio file if you would like to take a quick look and see if its actually possible or not!

I think that’s removable with Audacity’s spectral editing tools.


omg that is amazing, was it hard to do? also thank you very much!

Any chance you could explain what you did or somehow show me what you did? i tried following the video you linked but i cannot wrap my head around how to figure out what part the ping sound is, like i said i by no means even mediocre at this and only just downloaded the program!

If you compare the before-after spectrograms you can see what has been removed …