I want to record, but I don't want to hear it while recording

Hi…I want to record streaming music, but don’t want to listen while recording. Can I record, silently? Thank you in advance.

Let me predict the past. You’re using the simplified technique of running the Record and Playback sides of the computer at the same time and smashing them together to record on-line music. One of the downsides of this technique is having the speaker volume control affect the recording. Did I hit it?

There are special software packages that can create new sound pathways that don’t do that. I use SoundFlower and iShowU on the Mac.


Most of these methods are capturing/recording what’s coming out of the soundcard.

Plug-in speakers and turn-down the speaker volume knob.

Plug-in headphones and put them in a drawer.

Plug-in an extension cable or adapter/adapter cable with nothing plugged into the other end. Or you can get a plug with nothing connected (sold so people can build their own cables).

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