I want to move the cursor precisely

Hi Audacity Users,
I use Audacity 2.0.4. Great program!
When I am editing music (Cut, Paste, etc.), I only can use the mouse to place the cursor close to where I want to make an edit. It’s not very precise. Is there a key combination available to move the cursor exactly where I want it? I’ve tried the CTL key with Left/Right Arrow or the SHIFT key with LEFT/RIGHT Arrow, but they don’t work. Any suggestions?
Bill White

SHIFT + LEFT (or SHIFT + RIGHT) expands the selection.

If you zoom in then LEFT or RIGHT should move the cursor where you want to go.

Alternatively, use Selection Toolbar to place the cursor accurately without zooming in.


Hmmmm… If I zoom in I can select down to the sample (1/44100th of a second with a CD rip).

As yet another alternative open Playback Preferences and set the short seek time to a very short length such as 0.1 seconds. Then the . (dot or period) key will nudge the cursor forwards by that distance and the , comma key will nudge the cursor back by that distance (irrespective of what the zoom level happens to be).

However pressing those keys during playback will then also seek by those short distances.


Thank you all for your input! I finally figured it out.