I want to create strong subliminal

So basiclly i want to create very very powerful and strong subliminal, but i don’t have any expireince in nyquist language in audacity, can someone help me with that

You can search the forum but most of use here aren’t subliminal experts. Do you know what technique you want to use?

“Strong” subliminal is a bit of an oxymoron… A subliminal is supposed to be subtle and undetectable.

So you want a “liminal.”

I found it helpful when someone posts with a request like this to ask why? Who is the subject? What is the goal? We can’t even begin to help you without knowing important details like that.

I am working with another forum poster to take a little of the mystery out of the classic Single Sideband subliminal method. Software was prepared to create these messages and I’m trying it in order to take a bit of the mystery out of it like I did with Audiobook Preparation.

I think this is a link to that message thread. The forum software was changed a short time ago and we are all flopping around under unfamiliar tools and processes.

Quick note that I think I know how the SSB one works, but if you intend to use one of the other subliminal methods, then you’re on your own. If you approach most engineers and developers with this request, they will call it “magic” and hang up on you. This is not a simple request like “how do I make my voice louder?”


I think they meant one which will actually be effective in the target purpose, that is it will actually have an effect on the subconscious mind.

How does the SSB one work? Do you mean the actual subliminal or the script?

The script. I know how transmitters work. I’m a broadcast transmitter engineer for both FM and the legacy television system in the US. That and I was an amateur radio operator (WB4WGE - Worlds Greatest Engineer).

Important for this discussion is the picture part of TV broadcasting. It’s partial Single Sideband. That was the only way they could get everything to fit in the radio channels available.

Scene flips forward to now. I tried the Nyquist scrip I downloaded from the senior forum elf response — not the one from “Audio Experiments”.

It sorta did what was expected, but I don’t think I would have done it they way they did it.

Important for this application, there’s almost no chance of it working because of basic electronics. The Nyquist script produces work outside of the ability of a home sound system or headphones to deal. There’s some other important problems, too, but that’s the main one. You can produce Subliminal work all day long, but it will never get to your ears and/or subconscious.

So if you have an important application, you should probably look elsewhere until I sort this out. And as a side issue, we need to know your application. The forum will not support any work that is questionable, harmful, or illegal.

Isn’t this fun?


I basiclly listened to a harmful subliminal that gave me extra muscles and bones mass in an annoynong way, i made a flusher to remove it but still need to be more stronger.

Is this different than the one I posted?

Do you know how that harmful subliminal was made, if you share we can reverse engineer it.

Yeah it basiclly made me gain 35 kilos osf bones and muscles in one listen (3 minutes) , is was very powerful, how much powerful you imagine is still more powerful than that, i literally asked a programmer to make a program what works on duplicateing the sound 9000000000000000 times to make the flush stronger, and yet still didnt get rid of all of it, now i lost about 25 kilos of it after one year of constent listening to the flusher, i still have about 10 kilos to go, so really the strength i want to make the subliminal is immense, the affirmations i used is “remove all my bones and muscles mass and density and tall and width” i even wrote the exponential function as an affirmation to increase the speed of the flusher. If you can reverse engeneer it you will literally be a genius!!!

Also note, it changed the shape of my body too, it changed to a semi deeb web shape to scare me out, so i underatand that it was from the deep web and i missid with the wrong people

I don’t know. Software matching takes detailed analysis down to commas and periods. I used a known, good, working one. I’ll post a summary when I get close enough.

The latest advance is desirable variations on Audacity Analyze > Plot Spectrum. I’m having to use tools and adjustments for the first time to see what I’m doing. It happens when we’re doing analysis in tones only dogs can hear.

Recall one of the goals is to reverse a message reliably back to the original recording at will. “Quit Smoking!”

That has me digging around in basic radio techniques.


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