I want to blank out a part of sound file

I have a recording that is in MP3 format and my name is mentioned and I want to blank or beep this out for privacy reasons. Can I do this with Audacity? How do I do this ? Can you provide me a step by step guide (or point me in the direction of one) or a YT Video of this procedure.

Simply open your MP3 file in Audacity, select the part your want to “blank out”, run EditRemove SpecialSilence Audio and finally save the modified file.

However be aware that opening your MP3 file in Audacity and then saving it back to MP3 again will cause some quality loss! You may use a tool like mp3DirectCut to edit existing MP3 files in a 100% lossless way.

(In mp3DirectCut you can “blank out” a part by selecting the section to be removed and then run EditGainSilenceOK)

cannot find menu item “remove special” under Edit

The instructions given were for the current version of Audacity.
The current version of Audacity is 2.0.6 and is available here: http://audacityteam.org/download/

Alternatively, open the recording in Audacity highlight the section, then either “generate silence” or " Edit Cut" or “Edit Delete”, the latter two will shorten the track.

Or select the offending section and Generate a tone to beep it out.