i want to toggle this feature ON, i use to have it toggled on before i updated my audacity but i dont know how i did or what it is even called but i would like to have it again.

it is the horizontal lines in the tracks above and below the audio. please help me thank you! i took this picture from someone as i tried to research as much as i could. no one said what it was so i am here.
Audacity screen shot reduced.jpg

That’s the envelope tool. Two black arrows and bent line in the tool box.

That gives you the ability to change the volume in a track on a second-by-second basis by clicking and dragging.

Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 11.55.30 PM.png
Select the “I-Beam” button next to it for regular use.


thank you for the help kozikowski i guess it was just an old audacity thing then because it would be present without using the envelope tool, it was like a db measure for me, i used the lines to monitor audio and not to edit like the envelope tool if you get what i mean. it was ALWAYS on even when i used the selection tool… i accidentally pressed ctr + something and it popped up and i didnt want it gone lol. have a nice sunday! :smiley:

That’s the “Multi-Tool” (F6). See: Multi-Tool - Audacity Manual