I updated RX10 and it no longer works in Audacity

I got the cheaper version of RX10 on sale for $100 or something.
It sort of worked in Audacity but I couldn’t save plugins as a chain, the settings wouldn’t stick.
Just adding the effects a la carte and tweaking each time, it was working this way for at least several months.
The other week I updated RX10. Now when I open the de-click plugin Audacity crashes.
I updated Audacity and re-started 2018 MacBook Pro and it still crashes.
So its official RX10 cannot work with Audacity at all now?
I love Audacity for its simplicity though,

Maybe there is a work around in Audacity to get a decent mouth de-click and de-plosive?
I saw some recommendation in this forum but it seems a lot of trial and error and sometimes running the de-click twice! But maybe its all I can do.

I am quasi-noob, thanks!

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