I tunes

Is there a way to create files and them have them transferred to I tunes so they can be put on my IPAD?

Yes. For the absolute best quality, File > Export your song as a WAV (Microsoft), Right-click on it and Open With > iTunes.

It will play just like that, but the file will be really big. You can change the iTunes import preferences to AAC-Plus, and then right-click on the sound file inside iTunes and it should offer to make a much smaller AAC file for you. Then drag that smaller file to your Music Player instead of the larger WAV file. AAC and MP3 are compressed music formats and each creates sound damage to get the smaller files, but if you pick a high enough compression quality, you should not be able to tell.

You can make an MP3 inside Audacity, but you have to install the lame software package to do it. The first way, above is all built-in.