I speak too fast. I want to add 1 sec of silence between each audio section


Is there a way to globally change my entire audio track, by having it insert a 1-second bit of silence between all the waveforms of my entire recording?

I have seen a feature where you can REMOVE all breaks between recorded sections. I want to do the opposite.

I am currently Copy/Pasting a section manually throughout…but it’s a meticulous and slow process, and I have many tracks to edit on my current recording.

Windows 10
Audacity ver 2.3.1

between all the waveforms of my entire recording?

What does that mean? Between each word? Each sentence?

Removing long silences is “easy” because there is a signature. If you find silence, start a timer. If the timer reaches a set number, remove the silence.

I don’t think you have a signature. Paste silence where I probably meant silence to be is not a computer program.

I don’t expect it to work, but did you try Effect > Change Tempo? That globally changes duration and metre without changing pitch. Change Speed seems to be the right one, but that one changes pitch, too. Note that Change Speed is the only one of the three that has almost no damage. The other two can have some sound distortion.

You want the opposite of those insurance disclaimers. NotAvailableInAllStates.LicensedDriversOnly.NotAvailableInWinsconsinorNewMexico.


So if your waveform may be like this:


where ------- is a flat waveform
In this example, each ------- section is an increment of 7 (or let’s even say, it’s 1 second)

I would like to globally take all the ------- sections, and increase them to -------------- (which is 2x)


I want to increase ALL instance of ------- to -------------- (or, 2 seconds)

“Extend silence” plugin ? … https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/extend-silences/34612/1