I recorded with input mic too high

Hi all,

New to this. I recorded a topic with the input on the microphone was set too high. Is there a way to reduce that in recording.

Remember I am very new this was my first recording.


Do the audacity blue sound waves go all the way top to bottom and/or does the bouncing light sound meter go all the way up to red?

No. You’re stuck.

Clipping or overload means the digital system stopped following your voice. It would only be bad if that’s all it did, but it also starts making its own buzzy, crashing, crackling, harsh noise in place of the missing bits.

If you turn on View > Show Clipping, it will put red lines on the screen all the places you have damage.

When you record, you should keep an eye on the blue waves and the bouncing sound meter. Your voice peaks should be between -6dB and -10dB on the sound meter and the blue waves should be about half-way up or a little less.

That’s what the recording engineer would be doing. You are the recording engineer.

There is no recovery. Parts of your show are just missing and there’s no good way to guess at what it used to be.


That’s not the only damage. You can have trouble matching your microphone system to the computer and have it overload at a lower volume.

So which one of these do you have? What does it sound like?


If all this is a complete mystery, describe your show. List the microphone, computer and how you have everything connected. We’ll ask you if we get lost. We can’t see what you’re doing, so it’s doing troubleshooting across multiple timezones.

Over volume is really unusual. The usual complaint is not being able to make it loud enough. So you’re already a celebrity.