I recorded my voice in different WAV files but they sound different

Hi. I’m a newbie in sound edition. I recorded a series of WAV files with my voice. Each one is a paragraph of speech I’m reading. I intend to join them as part of a video. The problem is that I sound different between one file and the next. I’m not sure if it’s simply a difference of volume or if it’s something else. If I attach my files would you please check them and give me your opinion?

I really don’t know what to do. I want to make it all sound like a fluid speech but I’m incapable of reading it all in a single recording. I really hope there’s a solution through sound editing.

Thank you in advance. Sorry for the inconvenience.


But I think I can make a good guess without that.

Two problems. It’s really difficult to go back and read something with the same tonal inflection, metre, emphasis and speed. That’s why we think it’s a good idea when you’re reading a long piece, to correct mistakes right then rather that wait until next week and try to get your voice to match.

But I don’t think that’s what happened to you. I think you’re a victim of Windows Enhancements. Windows comes out of the plastic wrap set for conferencing, chat and other internet voice calls. It’s doing echo suppression, noise reduction and other tricks on your voice. Good theatrical quality is the last thing on its mind.

You can go into Windows setups and turn all those corrections off.


Windows calls it different things depending on version.

Audacity doesn’t apply effects, filters, or corrections on recording.

As a production note, it can help if you get used to listening to yourself on large, good quality, wired headphones while you perform.

That’s Chris Pratt voicing Emmet in the Lego Movie.

Unfortunately, you can’t plug those into the computer without getting echoes and delays. You have to plug them into your microphone, interface, or sound mixer.

We don’t recommend earbuds. That’s just the general idea and they were available for the picture. That particular microphone has headphone monitoring built into the bottom.


Thank you kozikowski. I recorded them all on a smartphone application, not Audacity, using the phone’s built-in microphone. It seemed to me that it provided the best quality among the limited options I have at home: for example my laptop. I also tried to be exactly in the same place and the same position, and always with the door shut for every recording. I might have had the phone slightly closer or farther between one recording and the next, but its a matter of just a couple of centimeters.

I honestly don’t want to record everything again. I really hope I can fix it a little bit by sound editing. This is for a personal video, just for my satisfaction, so I know the resulting product won’t be of a professional level. But I want viewers to pay attention to my speech instead of wondering why I sound different between one moment and the next. You know?

To be honest, I might be exaggerating and don’t sound that different. Please understand I don’t have an educated ear. Since you guys and gals edit sounds WAY more often than me, I bet your ear is more educated than mine. I made and attached a WAV file by stitching together four fragments of the ones I had recorded. Do they sound a bit different to you? Am I wrong? If they do sound a bit different, can I fix that somewhat through sound editing?

Thank you in advance.

If the voice was the whole show, I’d say it may need a little work, but since it goes with a video track, I think it’s fine as it is.

The first clip has just the slightest processing distortion. It’s permanent. We can’t take that out.

If you do that again, I think the phone is a very good way to go, but you should use an app that has no voice processing.

iPhones have two recorders: Voice Memo and Music Memo. Music Memo has no echo cancellation or other tricks. It just records everything. Voice memo is pretty good at it, though. I’ve made some good tracks that way.


Damn! I was hoping you wouldn’t say something like that :frowning:. If I can’t remove the distorsion from the ones that got it, might there be a way to add that same distorsion to the ones that don’t by using Audacity or some other freeware?

or some other freeware

That’s up to you. I have enough trouble keeping up with Audacity. If you find a way to do it, post back.

a way to add that same distorsion

Not that I know of. We can wait for other posters who may have ideas.

You might try adding echo or reverb to give the voice a theater quality, but people normally want intimate, talking-to-a-friend sound rather than orchestra hall. Once you shoot it wrong, there are some errors we just can’t fix.


Thank you once again :slight_smile:. I really appreciate it.

I’ll wait then, in case someone else has an idea.