I only hear 'dry' guitar signal when recording


I’m trying to record guitar, using a amplifier simulator (amplitube) from audacity.
When I record fom Audacity, i only hear the clean/dry sound of my guitar, and when using a effect or Amplifier from Amplitube i don’t hear the effects in Audacity .The amplitube/guitar signal is excellent from my hifiset, but audacity doesn’t record what i hear.

I´ve tried a lot.

I´m using a external USB Audiointerface with Asio4All drivers. Interface connected to a recent Dual Centrino laptop

Rear of my soundcard±


my setup:
The input of my guitar at the front, Hz-IN , channel 3/4
The outout at the back of the interface , to my HiFi set: ‘mix out’

Please help… :cyclops:

cheers! Peter

Unless you have built Audacity from the source code, it does not support ASIO due to Steinberg licensing restrictions.
Even if you have ASIO installed, Audacity will be using WDM audio drivers.

If you can hear the guitar with the effects through your headphones/speakers, then you may be able to record it in Audacity by setting the recording source to “Stereo Mix/What You Hear” rather than “Line In”.

Hi Steve,
In witch Audacity file does i need change the code to “Stereo Mix/What You Hear” ?
Cheers !

Hmm… I’ve just looked at the user guides for your hardware / software, and it looks rather tricky.

The problem seems to be that Audacity is connecting to the audio input using WDM drivers, and is recording what is coming in through the input socket (a dry signal). But then Amplitube is connecting to the inputs of your audio hardware using ASIO, and is outputting to your audio hardwares output socket using ASIO drivers. What you need is to record the output from the audio device rather than one of the physical inputs. Unfortunately it looks like you can’t do that with a U46DJ and you can only select a physical input as the recording source.

The only way round it that I can see is to add another sound card into the equation (for example a PCI soundcard). Set up Audacity to use the PCI soundcard, and in Windows Mixer select the “Line In” of the PCI sound card for recording. Now setup your USB audio card, guitar and Amplitube in the normal way, but use an audio lead (2x phono to stereo mini-jack) to connect an output from the U46DJ to the “Line-in” of the PCI card.

This is assuming that you are using a full size PC - I think you will probably be stuck if you are using a laptop.