I Need to make a Airplane PA system effect!?

Hi, i want to impress a girl by a very artistic way, i want to create an intercom effect that can make my voice sound like in the PA system of the plane, something like this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYIfmvSRpUc , the sound start at the minute 3:27, 3:28. When the cabin crew say his anouncements as begining descent or welcome to whatever airport or to give safety instructions. May i not be clear? I’ll try to make my voice sound like if i were a cabin crew member, and i’m saying a message to a passanger (asking to be my girlfriend) :blush: i hope not to be so confussing or sound stupid … sorry i don’t speak english very well (i have good pronunciation, but i have no fluency as you guys.
Any advice of how to make my voice sound like in the aircraft intercom?

To make it convincing, the task is mostly about acting skills.
For the effect part, try using the “leveller” effect to add some distortion (set to a “heavy” setting), then use the “telephone” preset in the Equalization effect.
You may be able to get some ambient “aircraft” type sound to put into the background from http://www.freesound.org/ (for example: http://www.freesound.org/people/digifishmusic/sounds/30365/)

When you cut the piece, get too close to the microphone and act bored. That and make clunking and clicking hand-held microphone noises. I don’t know any effect that can simulate that. After that, apply any filter. Literally. All it has to do is be different – not sound like the rest of the dialog. Some of the airlines are still using telephone handsets for announcements and they will sound like that telephone effect, drop everything below 300 and above 3000.

Some of the newer planes sound like a person.

But the part of the effect that puts it over is the proximity to the microphone and the acting. Oh. One more. Speed up or slow down. Generally speed up. WelcometoLosAngelesInternationalAirportPleasekeepyourseat…