I need some help

I will need a little help:
I tried (with audacity) to keep the dialogue of a series (Doctor Who :mrgreen: ) without keeping the audio part.
I watched many posts and tutorials but nothing works. My last attempt was to take the audio part of the dialogue and invert it over the dialogue (to cancel it). However still not working (maybe because they are 2 stereos files) I turn to real pros.
Hoping that you will help me.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Are you trying to remove all of the audio? Just the dialog? Just the background?

If you want to remove all of the audio you can do that with your video editor. (And, you’re going to need a video editor if you want to keep the video and/or re-combine your edited audio with the video.)

The Vocal Remover effect can remove “center channel” vocals/dialog. It can completely remove everything that’s identical (and in-phase) in both channels. The Vocal Reduction and Isolation Effect might be able to remove/reduce everything that’s not centered.

These tools are imperfect and they rarely give you “professional” results. I

). However still not working (maybe because they are 2 stereos files) I turn to real pros.

Is it a DVD with two different language tracks?

I think the only reliable way to isolate the dialog in a performance is rent the DVD and separate the Center Channel in the 5.1 Dolby sound. Almost all dialog is carried in the Center Channel no matter how much extra surround audio there is to avoid the audience whipping their head back and forth in the show trying to follow the actors.

Other than that and having the original mix tapes, I think that’s the end. If you got the shows in any of the compressed formats (MP3, M4A, etc), then the sound quality is already too messed up for any of the cancellation tricks to work. If you got them on-line, then it’s guaranteed that’s what you have.

Worse, if you actually have mono mix carried in two channels (do the two Audacity sound meters match?), none of the separation tricks are going to do anything.