i need my rap vocals too sound professional.help

whatsup people.

i’m trying out rapping,and i want to get a professional sounding recording of my vocals. like i hear on everybody’s songs.

i seem to only get a cheap sounding recording ,which is like my voice,and the track playing over it…i want it to blend lol if you can understand what i’m trying to say…

so what combinations of setting do i have to adjust…thanks in advance…

ps.im using windows vista

Post the address of an artist you like and then post a sample of your work here.



Ok thanx.ill brb with it

if you use fl studio like i do it can make your stuff sound real nice. i record on audacity then export it to my desktop then drag it to my pattern editor on fl. then open up my mixer and hit up the soundgoodizer and it does wonders. i also have fl studio 10 producers edition btw