I need help to remove one vocals and leave other in

On this track I need to remove female voice and leave male vocal as its, i dont know if that can be done, any help 'd be very appreciative. Thanks

Just posted my eq sets for downloading them. The mods got them up today. Try the different ones of mine to lower the levels then use them in conjunction with the 2 i have for male and female voice. You will want to reboost the male voice 2 or 3 times more then the females butyou should keep them fairly close to have best sound in the music. Still I’m not at you’re system so try several different eq sets or mix them up before you save the file.

Did you mean to include a link or a program with this post?

This is the link for that song on the youtube
Im noob at Audacity, I just downloaded this software first time :frowning: sorry, I dont know much about it, but I will try my best at least try. Thanks

Just posted my eq sets for downloading them

From where, exactly? Is this a split posting from somewhere else? It doesn’t make much sense.

I submitted them yesterday and one of you mods got them posted today in the submit forum page. I’m new to your forum but I thought they were visible to the public now?.

New newbi well then find the tool menu and click on the equlizer then mess with the settings until you like the sound. Just remember after each eq adjustment you need to click on the normalize tool to lower the volume to with in the correct range when you get comfortable with it come back and find out how to add someone else’s eq settings in your audacity files. Then you can adjust away all you want.

New newbi well then find the tool menu and click on the equlizer then mess with the settings until you like the sound.

Are we talking about the same poster? The goal is to split the male and female voices from the song. How does the equalizer do that?

It’s a big forum. It’s traditional if you recommend a filter to locate it and provide a link.


The full and correct answer to the original Poster is you can not do so on the computer with its software unless the song was recorded in the 1960s or early 1970s back then they did stereo as 90 % vocals on right 90 % music on left so those can remove vocals. But they’ve been recording both on both channels more evenly since late 70s. So it’s impossible to remove the vocals with computer software now. But if you have $$$$$$$ you can buy hardware units that will remove the vocals. This is where the eq settings come in you mess with them enough you can adjust the vocals out. Thats how the eq freq settings help.

oh okay sorry heres the url to the post. https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/lost-sound-on-computer/278/1