I need help to record skype calls

Hi guys,
I followed a lot of tutorial on internet/youtube but I’m still unable to record my skype calls (only my mic is recorded but not the audio coming from the pc) can you give me some help please?

I have:
Windows 10 professional
Audacity 2.1.3
Headphones with mic connected via USB

On the windows sound panel I have:
Playback → The headphones that I’m using to ear the audio, all other playback devices are disabled
Recording - > The microphone that I’m using (set as default recording device) AND StereoMix enabled, all other devices are disabled.

On audacity I have:
MME in the first box
StereoMix in the second box (2 channels stereo)
Headset Hearphone on the third box.

When I push the record button Audacity saves only my voice but not the audio coming from my pc (or from the person with which I’m talking on skype) what can be wrong?

Some people can just turn everything on like you did and everything works. That’s how Chase did it on his webcast Reel Life.


If that didn’t work for you, then you need one of the third party software programs or services. Audacity is not recommended for recording both sides of Skype.



The list so far:

Record Skype
Voicemeeter Banana
Two Computers and Small Mixer.
Standalone Recorder sitting on the table.

If you get a different process to work, post back and we’ll add it to the list.


Interesting. I have been struggling for days because the skype interviews I did today failed… I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what the problem is. I’ve been using MP3 recorder, and had been able to get recordings until this last skype update… I found a way to get the MP3 recordings to work by setting both the record and playback to my headset and keeping it at mono rather than stereo, but the MP3 recording failure has cropped up way too often and I’ve turned to audacity as a back up recording. Oddly enough, I’m having problems recording both sides of the conversations so I spent hours trying to determine whether it was the headset or not. Reading the above, I see that it is not my imagination. I had been able to record conversations in the past, and thanks to microsofts updates, can no longer do so. Well, at least from reading the above I’ve learned the mp3 quality I was getting before is going to be too poor to use commercially, so even though Audacity is only able to record one side of the conversation, at least the quality will be good.

even though Audacity is only able to record one side of the conversation, at least the quality will be good.

Yes, but unfortunately, the side is the interviewer, not the guest. Audacity gets the local microphone as a service of the local computer and thus is relatively reliable. The guest voice is a service of Skype and changes with the wind.

The two computer method is recommended as it isolates the recorder and Skype services. As I posted before, the recorder doesn’t have to be a computer, so you can get away with a Skype computer, small mixer and stereo recorder of some sort.

Trying to do all the jobs on one computer, while insanely desirable and seemingly straightforward, is begging loudly for trouble.