Basically need to know if there are in fact 2 different voices at anytime in the recording talking to each other. Anything else that can be heard is also welcome. PLEASE HELP!!
2019_11_04_08_42_37456545465.aup (58.3 KB)

“AUP” files do not contain audio, they are just one part of an Audacity project. It is not possible to play an AUP file without it’s associated “_data” folder. See here for more info: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audacity_projects.html

Also, please note that for legal and moral reasons, we will not discuss covert recordings on this forum. If you are trying to hear voices in a covert recording, Audacity contains no tools that will help with that - you would need help from an “audio forensics” expert.

I have saved this file and made copies so i am having hard time opening. I have the data file also. Can someone see if I can get audio?

Do you have a folder called “2019_11_04_08_42_37456545465_data”? If so, where is it on your computer?

Yes I do its in my documents folder

Ensure that the file “2019_11_04_08_42_37456545465.aup” is also in Documents, then from Audacity:
“File menu > Open”
and select the “2019_11_04_08_42_37456545465.aup” file.

What happens?

Error message cannot load file

“cannot load file”?
Is that all?
Did you definitely use “File menu > Open”?
Which version of Audacity are you using?

1 + messages pops up first and it says cannot find file then the second error message cannot load file
2.4.2 version

If you tell us the full and exact error messages, we may be able to work out where the problem lies.

The first error message says
“Coldn’t find the project data folder: [file name”
The second stair message says

“Could not load file [file name.aup”

Do you have that folder somewhere?

Yes I do in my downloads folder

So you’ve got the “.aup” project file in your Documents folder, and the “_data” folder in you Downloads folder?

No they are both in my documents folder

What’s the rest of that message?
Is “file name”