I need advice on editing BMP images and adding color palette

I need advice about editing BMP images. I wish to colorize BMP images.

Right now, I have some black and white BMP images. The resolutions low and is based on only four shades other color grey. I need advice on how to create a color palette and add color to the BMP images. Any advice would be appreciated.

This is the Audacity forum. Does your question have something to do with Audacity?

YES! I wish to create a BMP image of Audacity type logos and I wish to edit the palette.

This part of the forum is a place for artists to show and share artwork related to Audacity. We are not able to give advice about graphics software or how to use it. You could try using your preferred Internet search to find a graphics forum.

I’ll close this topic now as we are not able to help with this enquiry.