I messed up the insertion point, how do I fix it?

I wish I knew the terminology to use as I am sure it would make this easier to understand. I don’t know how this happened.

It seems that the triangle that shows the present location in the music is crammed to the right border. It was in the center.

I was able to grab the green triangle and use it to skate along the timeline but now either I cannot click on it or when it does move, it jumps back to the right-side border as soon as I release it.

When I do try to move it, I create a loop and have to click on the sprocket and uncheck the option for loop to get rid of it.
I can save the project then open it again and the problem remains.

I hope there are enough clues as to what is happening that some users here might make suggestions to fix this.

I am using 3.5.1 version.
The program and the computer have been restarted several times.

Where is said “Reset Preferences”?

Will this reset kill my microphone and speaker settings? I always struggle getting these to work on my system.

Is there no setting to keep the record head in the center of the screen to have the audio inserting at that location and moving to the left?

Here it resets everything - also window size, and tools shown on the top and bottom of the window. I do not know whether sound input/output are also influenced; here it was the same as before - but this does not mean it is the same on your equipment. I am using macOS, not windows, and Audacity 3.4.2.

You find it here (the English language menu item is probably “Tools”):

Yes. found it. I musta missed it when I looked for it.

Before I take the risk of resetting everything, Is there an option to keep the record head in the center of the screen to have the audio inserting at that location and moving to the left?

Ok, I went to a second computer and Audacity was working fine. Was, because I allowed the update to install and now it is infested with looping and the record head running off the right side of the screen. I have to keep using the magnify- to see the audio being recorded.


The plot thickens. On my test computer, I uninstalledm3.5.1 and installed 3.4.2 from my downloads folder. It was doing the same problem as described earlier. However, I did see that the newer version has a cog on the left side of the tracks and the earlier version has a green triangle.

The older version has an option for “Pinned Play Head” that I do not see in the newer version. Is this an issue with the version? Is a setting that I may have changed? If so, how do I get the “Pinned Play Head” option activated in my 3.5.1 version?

I am having the same problem and I show that Emerogork had 5 replies but I don’t know how to look at the replies. Any help here?

My only route was to uninstall 3.5.1 and install 3.4.2 version. It may still be in your downloads folder. All my settings seem to still be there.

My solution was to reinstall the program and the problems cleared. However, I don’t know how they happened in the first place. Did I click somewhere and the answer could have been as simple of unclicking something? I will never know. The only thing I can do is to watch to see if it happens again.