I made an album in Audacity!

After a year of work, I finally finished working on my album, Full Gamut, in audacity. Here’s the bandcamp link:

If you like bands like the Microphones or Faust, I think you would like this. I tried to add as many interesting textures as possible, but a lot of the album is also just me goofing around.

Paulstretch was one of the most used effects, it’s so dang useful to just generate instant textures. It just transforms random field recordings and snippets of instruments into weird spacey effects. For the first 6 or so months of working on this, I was working on a version of audacity without real-time effects, so almost half the tracks were destructively edited and I had to find a crap ton of workarounds.

Snipping, cutting, and moving around clips kinda felt like what I imagine working with tape to feel like.

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Just sayin’ …
Auburn Sounds - Lens, Crystal Clear Multiband Compander (free version)